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Film: Five-a-side

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>> BEN : Hi there. I'm Ben Shires.

And I'm joined by

the only dinosaur left working in football.

It's Gunnersaurus, everyone.

And that's because we're at the Emirates today

to tell you all about the five-finger rule

when it comes to reading a book.

What's the five finger rule, I hear you ask.

Well, Gunnersaurus and I are ready to tell you.

Are you going to do this?

Well, that's two thumbs, but never mind, we'll move on.

Okay, so the five-finger rule is this.

You have to open a book to any page that you like

and then read it

and see if there's any words that you don't recognise.

Now if there are zero to one words that you don't know,

then it's easy, you can plough on,

it's maybe a bit too easy for you,

maybe thinking about moving onto something else.

If it's two to three words that you don't recognise,

it's probably just right for you, okay?

So feel free to read at your own leisure.

Four words that you don't recognise,

it might be on the edge of you thinking, "Oh, is this for me?"

I'd say still give it a go, be a trier, be positive.

I usually am and it hasn't steered me far wrong.

If there's five words that you don't know,

sounds a bit tough to me.

How about you, Gunnersaurus? He's run out of fingers.

I mean, he's dinosaur, isn't he?

But, you know, he probably doesn't read much anyway.

If it's five words, see how you feel.

If you're not comfortable,

go back to one that only has four that you don't know

and see how you get on with that.

But otherwise, enjoy your reading.

I think me and Gunnersaurus are gonna go and chase a triceratops.

See you.