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Premier League Draw Together (Welsh)


Premier League Draw Together (Welsh)

KS1/Foundation, KS2
Diversity, Fairness, Equality

This pack explores the topic of allyship and introduces the Premier League Draw Together challenge.

To take on the challenge, submit your pupils' completed Premier League Draw Together artwork templates using the online form, by Friday 11 June 2021.

Find out more about the challenge and the amazing rewards you could access. You can also download a football-themed allyship poster for your classroom.

You can Tweet us @PLCommunities and @ben_cajee using #PLPrimaryStars and #NoRoomForRacism. We would love to see how you are getting on!

Learning outcomes

Pupils will learn about:

  • the impact that racism can have
  • what allyship is
  • how to be an ally to those who need support
  • why allyship is important. 


Premier League Draw Together introduction (Welsh)

Introduce the challenge with this presentation. You will find creative tips to help pupils create their artwork, a step-by-step guide for getting started and examples of inspirational artists who use art to convey a social message.


Premier League Draw Together artwork template (Welsh)

Use this template to take part in the Premier League Draw Together challenge. Pupils will create their artwork and write their allyship pledge. KS1 pupils could work together as a class to come up with a group pledge to support their individual artworks. 

When pupils have completed the challenge, submit their work using the online form for a chance to be rewarded with Premier League goodies and experiences.


How to take part (Welsh)

This printable worksheet includes instructions for taking part in the challenge and tips to support pupils with creating their artwork.


Film: Racial stereotyping

Watch Tyler Roberts, midfielder for Leeds United, and Jess Carter, midfielder for Chelsea FC Women, speak about their experiences of racism and racial stereotyping.


Film: Allyship

Watch Premier League and Women's Super League football players discuss diversity and the importance of allyship in football.


Premier League allyship poster (Welsh)

Inspire your pupils to take part in the challenge and display this Premier League allyship poster in your classroom. The poster features football photography displaying allyship and quotes from professional football players.


Premier League Draw Together certificate (Welsh)

Reward your pupils with this fantastic Premier League Draw Together certificate.

(This is an editable certificate. If you prefer to write names in by hand, delete the editable text before printing.)