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Football fun activity pack


Football fun activity pack

KS1/Foundation, KS2
Values, Playtimes, Vocabulary, Number and place value

In this pack, there are fun activities (for 5-7s and 7-11s) which include spelling puzzles, fact-finding and sum-solving.

Children can solve puzzles and sharpen their skills while finding out some fun football facts in the process. Children can try these by themselves or do together as a family. Answers are provided for parents and carers.

What resources are in this pack?

How long does it take to deliver this pack?

clock 30-40 minutes

Learning outcomes


  • word reading
  • vocabulary
  • spelling


  • diversity
  • living in the wider world


  • number and place value
  • mental maths
  • calculating time (minutes and seconds)

Eye on the ball wordsearch

Have a go at finding the words in the Wordsearch.

If this is too easy, try the other where you have to work out the missing words in the sentences in order to search for them in the Wordsearch.

Why don't you time yourselves and compete against your family?


Learn some new phrases from around the world

We are the champions! How about learning how to say this in Danish?

Download the word bank filled with fun international football phrases. Learn and impress your family!

You could even type the phrase into Google Translate to hear how the word is pronounced. 


Summing up

Solve the sums and complete the Premier League football facts.


Extra time: Premier League Values

What are the Premier League values? Can you think about a time when you have demonstrated them? Download the activity sheet or create your own. Write down your experiences and colour in or design your own avatar.


Colour in Premier League football stickers

Brought to you by Panini and the Premier League. Download the Panini football stickers and search for your favourite Premier League player.

Choose your player, print the page and colour in the sticker.