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Premier League Reading Stars: Fixture 4 - In the news

English - Premier League Reading Stars

Premier League Reading Stars: Fixture 4 - In the news

Reading Stars, Reading, Journalism

This fixture enables pupils to be able to read and understand information from newspapers. They will read a range of newspaper articles and headlines relating to football, using skimming and scanning skills taught in Fixture 1. They will begin to understand and question the content, based on the ‘four Ws’ (what, who, when and where). Before embarking on any fixtures, please read the Tactics book and Trials book first.

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clock 60 minutes

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Learning outcomes

Pupils will be able to:

  • understand the purpose of a newspaper
  • skim and scan text to retrieve information
  • ask questions about the text and think critically about the content."

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Film: In the news

In this film, two journalists explain, with examples, the differences between skimming and scanning.


Main activity part 1: Headlines

In the first part of the main activity, pupils use their skim and scan skills to read newspapers and identify the most appropriate headlines. Pupils begin to understand the purpose of a newspaper.


Main activity part 2: The four Ws

In the second part of the main activity, pupils will begin to understand the elements of a newspaper. They are introduced to the concept ‘four Ws’ which is a tool used to ask questions about a text.


Main activity part 3: A question of sport

In the final part of the main activity, pupils will begin to summarise the text. They will also begin to understand the impact a piece of text can have on a reader and share their views.


Plenary activity: Local press

In this plenary activity, pupils will use their skimming and scanning tools to identify the headline for an article from your local press.