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Maths Attax

Cesar Azpilicueta

Maths Attax

Number and place value, Analysing data, Mathematical symbols

This pack helps pupils to effectively learn about equations and algebra using letters to represent an unknown, through the inspiring context of Premier League player statistics.

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Learning outcomes

Pupils will be able to:

  • use < > to describe whether a number is less than or greater than another
  • use = sign accurately
  • solve one-step equations using letters to present 'unknowns' with integer solutions
  • construct and solve one-step equations with a whole number solution

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Children in a classroom

Active maths: Maths Attax

This activity gets pupils up and moving while introducing and revising key vocabulary commonly used when comparing player card statistics.


Film: Maths Attax

This film introduces the method of comparing player cards using equations and inequalities used throughout this resource pack.


Main activity: Comparing players

In these activity sheets pupils use the fun and engaging Maths Attax player cards to practise using mathematical symbols, mental calculations and problem solving.


Maths Attax quiz

This fun quiz tests pupils on equations and inequalities.

There is an interactive version of the quiz available once you've logged in. You need to assign this pack to a class before launching the Multiplayer challenge.

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Children in a classroom

Maths Star training: Creating player cards

Use this activity to get pupils to put their new skills to the test by creating their own player cards and stats, which can be used to play a game based on comparing scores.