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Positive and happy playtimes


Positive and happy playtimes

Equality, Relationships

This pack will help pupils think about how they can make the classroom and playground a happier place. Through considering the role of rules in promoting good behaviour, pupils will be encouraged to take responsibility for maintaining a positive school environment.


Learning outcomes

Pupils will be able to:
• explain how rules protect them and others
• give reasons why different rules are needed in different situations
• describe how their behaviour can affect others
• talk about what it means to behave responsibly.

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Huddersfield players

Film: Positive and happy playtimes

This film provides insight into how people can manage their emotions and behaviour using examples from football. After understanding how her behaviour affects others, Farrah decides to manage her emotions better. Pupils will explore how rules can help create positive and happy playtimes.



Starter activity: Rules in school

This activity starts a discussion about the importance of different school rules. Pupils consider the consequences of breaking rules, for themselves and others and create some new rules to make a positive impact on playground behaviour.


Main activity: Rules for games

In this activity there are two options to help get pupils thinking about playground rules. Pupils can either think about the rules they set for a playground game of their choice, or get a fresh perspective by interviewing an adult supervisor.


Main activity: Exploring scenarios

In this activity groups of students each have a different playground scenario to discuss. They consider how different people would feel in the situation and how they could manage their feelings to respond in a positive way.


Main activity: Managing feelings

In this short two-part activity, pupils watch match officials talking about how they manage their feelings and discuss the strategies that they could use in class or the playground.


Extension activity: Beyond the classroom

Here you can find additional activities that will help pupils understand how rules and good behaviour help make school a positive experience for everyone.


Positive and happy playtimes word bank

his word bank lists key vocabulary about positive and happy playtimes, and clarifies the meanings of the words and phrases that your pupils will meet.