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Home/School - Super Movers Super Celebration challenge


Home/School - Super Movers Super Celebration challenge

KS1/Foundation, KS2

We would like you to celebrate with us now that the Premier League 20/21 season has begun.

At school, pupils can create and film their own 'Super Move' to celebrate this occasion or can try at home  do it as a family activity. It could be a wacky move with props, a dance move or a series of movements. Whatever you like! 

Learning outcomes

Children will be able to:

  • understand why it is important to be active
  • create a 'move' to express celebration.

Super Movers Super Celebration: The Challenge

Download the PDF for more information about the weekly challenge, including tips for creating and filming your celebratory move. 

Watch the videos below for inspiration. 




Film: What's your Super Move?

Watch the video to gain inspiration for creating your 'Super Move'. The film features TV personalities and football club mascots showing off their best moves.



Film: Mascots get moving

Watch this short compilation of Mascots from football clubs across the country taking on the Super Move challenge.


Film: Goal celebrations

Watch this short film clip to see how Premier League footballers celebrate when they score a goal.


Why should we be moving more?

There are lots of benefits to being active, not just for your body but for your mind too!

Have a think about how you can make small changes in your daily routine to incorporate more movement. See if you can write three movement goals that you hope to achieve by the end of the week.