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Premier League Reading Stars: Fixture 1 - The kick-off

English - Premier League Reading Stars

Premier League Reading Stars: Fixture 1 - The kick-off

Reading Stars, Reading

This fixture introduces the Premier League Reading Stars programme. It will create discussion about the purpose of reading and the different types of text available to read. Before embarking on any fixtures, please read the Tactics book and Trials book first.

Learning outcomes

Pupils will be able to:

  • begin to understand the purpose of reading
  • engage in a range of fiction and non-fiction texts
  • identify the difference between skimming and scanning information.

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Main activity part 2: Purpose of reading

In the second part of this main activity, pupils think about and discuss the purpose of reading and consider its role in the ‘real world’.


Plenary activity: Penalty shoot-out

In this plenary activity, pupils are asked to recall reasons for reading and are rewarded with the chance to take a penalty. A fun activity to end the session.