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Film: Arsenal and Alicia & Sarah

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[Alicia - Student]: I'm called Alicia and I'm ten years old.

[Sarah - Student]: My name is Sarah and I'm ten years old.

[Karen Hooley - Teacher]: Alicia is just the loveliest little girl. She's really really kind, really generous.

[Ian Alexis - Assistant Headteacher]: Sarah, she's a star, absolute star. You know, she is natural leader and Arsenal has actually brought that out even more.

[Chris Frable - Primary Stars Coach]: We go round to different schools, we get them enjoying their football, and we help raise the standard of the PE that they get. You might have a chance to be a defender, if you show that you've got awesome moves. Sarah and Alicia are two girls that we've had, that have really made the most of it. They've had brilliant attitudes in the lesson.

[Sarah]: Chris is one of the best coaches, I've ever had.

[Alicia]: We learn new things about football. He makes us have the right aim, the right power.

[Alex Scott - Arsenal Ladies]: From the moment I walked through the door, the kids, their faces lit up, they were so happy to see me, so if I can inspire them in any way, then I've done a small part.

[Karen Hooley]: So they would have heard about Arsenal Football Club since they were little and,things like that can seem very unattainable and something that regular people can't be involved in, and I think the fact that they've been chosen or they feel quite special, it's really built their confidence.

[Alex Scott]: Who do we support?

[Sarah]: I support Arsenal.

[Alex Scott]: Yes! I didn't pay you to say that.

[Alicia]: You supported...

[Sarah]: No...

[Alicia]: Ah yes you did.

[Alex Scott]: It's so important to give back, because I never had that growing up. If I had someone coming into show me, 'look, this is what you need to do, the determination, and just the little extra bits', that's massive.

[Karen Hooley]: The fact that she's a girl and she's been promoted in this way, is a bit of a lesson to all of them, who might have a narrower idea, of who should be involved in football.

[Alex Scott]: Or you can kick and catch. Yes, there you go!

[Chris Frable]: Primary Stars makes such a difference, no matter where they're from, or how much football they've played in before.

[Karen Hooley]: To see the change, to see Alicia getting better, it opens up horizons for her.She's one of the kids in the class who will never ever give up.

[Alex Scott]: I know how important it is, for me to go into the local communities and help inspire. Showing that you care, showing that you were once, just like them, and that they can succeed and they can also make it. And your favourite womens footballer?

[Alicia]: Alex Scott.

[Sarah]: Me.

[Alex Scott]: Yeah, I like the confidence and I like your one, high five.

[Sarah]: You as well.

[Alex Scott]: Good job [laughs]. It's not just football, it gives you life skills and other things greater than football.