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Film: Bournemouth and Rebecca

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I would probably describe myself as
'not footbally' a few months ago.
I'd never actually taught football
until earlier in the year.

We had people come in from AFC Bournemouth
to coach the children in different skills.

[MALE VOICE]: Rebecca didn't really seem
keen about getting involved.

I don't think she was very good at football,
like at the beginning,

but when we did our lessons she joined in a lot
and she seems to have got better.

By the end of the ten weeks she was really engaging,
she was taking photos, videoing, she was joining in.

It's given me a lot more confidence
to go and teach football,

whereas before, I would have felt  really insecure and
not so confident.


Now she's trying to score goals and everything.

This will be really handy when we're planning our
football sessions next year...

We've come into each school on a ten-week plan

and each lesson has got a theme to it
and we relate that to a player.

This is 'Manoeuvre like Max Gradel'.

I wasn't very good at football at first,

but I think it's helped me learn
what kind of foot to use and everything.

[Rebecca]: And we learnt something new every week
that I could actually then incorporate into my own

so we sort of like tried to keep a record
of the different activities that we did,

so that next year when I will teach football again,
I can then use those myself.

[Coach]: 3-2-1 [WHISTLE BLOWS] Go!

Premier League Primary Stars
has given the children so much.

It hasn't just been them learning
the different skills and techniques,

it's had a really big impact on their notion of fair play.

So when Benik Afobe came in, he talked about
how important it was to be role models

and they lapped it up.

The children in Year Six have taken part in other
competitions this year for different sports,

and it's been remarked every single time
how brilliant and excellent their fair play is.

We got chosen to go to see a match
and to play against another school.

[Steve Cuss]: When they get the opportunity to go to
the games,with a few schools playing
against each other on a matchday,

It's a real opportunity to get closer to their heroes.

We got to go in Bournemouth kits and
then we went to watch the match.

We beat Middlesbrough 4-0.

Having Bournemouth reach the Premier League,
that's the catalyst that's spurred all of this on.

Come forward Miss Dare....this is yours!

- Thank you very much.
- Thanks very much. Boys and girls... [APPLAUSE]

My sporting knowledge wasn't that great, my
enthusiasm for football could've been higher,

but having AFC Bournemouth come in as part of the
Premier League Primary Stars scheme

has made such a difference to the school.