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Film: Burnley and Laiba

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[Coach Liam]: Laiba's got Cerebal Palsy so she works mainly in a frame and a chair, which obviously provides some initial barriers to participation. Through adapting our delivery, we can be creative in other ways, we can get around that. Laiba just gets on with it. She always has a smile on her face. Whenever I come in to Reedley, her face lights up. She knows that PE is going to happen and she really feels a part of it.

[Head Teacher]: The collaboration with Burnley Football Club has transformed sport in our school. Coach Liam is fantastic. He's so passionate and enthusiastic about Sport and about life in general.

[Another Coach]: He's got a contagious personality. He'll put the hours in, he'll put the time in to make sure that people like Laiba are involved in every one of his lessons.

[Head Teacher]: Laiba's got such personality, so enthusiastic, so when she works with Coach Liam, you can just see that smile on her face.

[Coach Liam]: Her overall personality has shone to the surface a little bit more. When I first came in here, she was quite shy, quite reserved. Maybe that's the badge, maybe that's because coaches haven't engaged with her on that level before. When it comes to dance, her eyes light up and she really wants to get involved, because she knows that she can contribute in a more meaningful way. She can really use her face, her facial expressions, her arms, her fingers, she can really show that she's engaged and she's understanding and she's made great progress for me. She's part of team Reedley and she's going on to bigger and better things. And what was your favourite movement that we did today?

[Laiba]: The one where I have to move back and lift both my arms up.

[Laiba's Classmate]: She's been really ambitious and she's been contributing to the work and even though she can't walk like we can, she's been trying really hard and we've all agreed that she's actually turned out better than us.

[Coach Liam]: What did you feel like when Coach Liam gave you the certificate?

[Laiba]: Happy.

[Coach Liam]: Laiba's infectious personality and her hunger for Sport is what really inspires me.