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Film: Crystal Palace and Joseph

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[Joseph]: My name is Joseph and I'm eight years old. I like tennis, I like swimming, I like football.

[Joseph's mum]: I'm Nikki Hawes and I'm Joseph's mum. Joseph, how can I describe him? He can be so sweet, so caring and then he can be a bit of a devil at the same time.

[James Jendon]: My name is James Jendon, I'm from Crystal Palace.Joseph is a lovely lad. His behaviour wasn't as good in the playgrounds and in class. He was getting in trouble a little bit.

[Joseph's mum]: Joseph has struggled with every year at school. We hit Year Three not in a good place. He was a little bit behind and I think he found that really frustrating.

[Joseph]: I do get angry and sad about things.

[Joseph's mum]: He wasn't learning and we had to do something. As a parent, you just want your child to come to school, to do the right thing, to follow instructions, to be polite, to be respectful, and when that's not happening, it's hard work.

[James Jendon]:Teammates is a social skills group, where you do various games to improve skills in the classroom, skills in the playground and generally to make them more confident. We're here to encourage them, we're here to help them.

[Joseph]: When James came, we worked together because I found lots of stuff hard. He helped me with stuff.

[James Jendon]: There's a theme each week. For example, we try to relate to the Premier League values as much as we can. Raffay's book, we have to fill in three goals.

[Joseph]: I've learnt a lot about teamwork and now it's really helped me.

[Joseph's mum]: He has come on so, so well, it's unbelievable. On a scale of one to ten, his behaviour was maybe two to three every day and now, he's eights and nines, even tens somedays. He is a changed child, [laughs] to be fair, he really is.

[Joseph]: I feel much more confident now, and I find it easier to talk to my friends. It's been really, really good.

[Other children]: Yay!