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Leicester City and Jacob

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We had some information come through from
Leicester City about a writing competition,

asking children to write about the Premier League win
and the feelings that it evoked

and all the things associated with that wonderful year.

Normally I don't write, but I thought, 'I like football
and I like writing about something that I like',

so I thought 'Ooh I'd give it a go'.

[Teacher]: This competition just gave him
that want to do something

He was doing an awful lot at home, his mum was
commenting on how much he was doing at home

which she couldn't get him to do any other time.

[Jacob's Mum]: It inspired him massively,
he wouldn't normally write anything,

he wouldn't come home and do his homework.
But he came home and

the first thing I knew about it was I think about six
o'clock in the morning on a Monday morning,

when he jumped out of bed and went
'Ah, I've got to get it in today'.

Jacob took that creative piece of writing home and
has become successful in winning our competition.  

He was presented with a book box
at the King Power stadium, pitchside.

[Jacob]: I didn't expect to win the competition, I just
thought I'd give it a go because it's
a once in a lifetime experience.

[SHE READS]: 'You are a Premier League Primary
Star for setting a great example to others'.
- Well done Jacob and Leonor.

[Mum]: It's really, really boosted his belief in his
own ability in sort of writing and reading,

it's just nice to be able to give him that praise
and get that encouragement for him.

[Jacob]: I've always been confident in sport,

but not when it comes to writing and spelling,
and it's boosted my confidence a lot.

[HE READS]: 'Leicester City are like one big family.
Vardy scores, everyone celebrates.'

'If someone has an injury another player
steps right on up to the mark.'

[Mum]: To be able to actually engage in writing and
reading and schoolwork in a way that he enjoys
is amazing.

[Jacob]: 'My memories of last season will stay with me

[Jamie Skinner]: Our aim is to really have a unique
impact on every young person that we engage with,

and through Premier League Primary Stars, it's a
fantastic tool to be able to work with class teachers

and to work with pupils to get the
best out of their potential really.

The feedback that we've had from the children
as a result of this competition,

I'm sure it's going to be a really
successful partnership in the future.

[Jamie Skinner]: Leicester City Community Trust and
Premier League Primary Stars

is really making a difference to a lot of
young children across Leicestershire

and Jacob's story is a fine example of that.