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>> CHILDREN: Welcome to Premier League Primary Stars!

>> FEMALE VOICEOVER: Premier League Primary Stars is a unique and exciting education programme designed to help your children reach their goals and to upskill teachers.

>> CHILD 1: You need to keep, keep trying until you get it right.

>> TEACHER 1: Working to be the best you can be and never giving up, but doing it as part of a team.


>> CHILD 2: When you're in a team, it's easier to do things but it also challenges you.

>> FEMALE VOICEOVER: Our free resources support schools to bring out the best in young learners across a range of curriculum areas.

>> RACHEL: Hello, my name is Rachel Riley.

I present Premier League football programmes and I love maths.

>> ALEX: Reading and writing, for me, is so important being Captain of Arsenal Ladies.

You have to work hard to achieve and get where you want to be.

>> MALE COACH: Primary Stars' resources is definitely going to benefit all teachers.

>> FEMALE VOICEOVER: Our wide-ranging activities will inspire your children as they learn.

>> CHILD 3: It was really, like, a fun game. Everyone will like, really like that.


>> FEMALE COACH: As soon as we go into a school the kids are automatically drawn to the Premier League brand and the football club brand.

>> CHILD 4: I can't speak.

>> CHILD 5: It's exciting, enjoyable, and diverse.

>> TEACHER 2: Whatever the children learn in school they can take it home, they can show their parents what they've been learning about. They can talk about it with their friends.

>> FEMALE VOICEOVER: Primary Stars brings Premier League values into schools.

>> CHILD 6: Everybody deserves a chance to be included. And the chance to get as far as possible.


>> CHILDREN: - Be... - Inspiring.

 - Be... - Ambitious.

 - Be... - Connected.

 - Be... - Fair.

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