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>> CHILDREN: Premier League Primary Stars!

>> NICK: Premier League Primary Stars is our contribution, really, to the development of five to eleven year olds.


>> PAUL: My teachers and staff are being upskilled as part of the programme, they’re gaining additional ideas on how to get children more active.


>> JAMIE: Our aim is to really have a unique impact on every young person we engage with. Premier League Primary Stars, it’s a fantastic tool to be able to work with class teachers and to work with pupils to get the best out of their potential.


>> ROBYN: It’s nice just to be able to go onto Premier League Primary Stars, download everything, print it off and it’s always going to be something that engages the children.


>> OLLY: Excuse me, Miss, erm, I’d like to, er, meet the kids for [INAUDIBLE] Stars, if that’s alright?


>> CHILD 1: We played at Leicester Stadium.


>> CHILD 2: It makes you, kind of, feel special because you’re not watching down at it, you’re actually doing it.


>> CHILD 1: Yeah.


>> CHILD 3: Normally I don’t write but I thought, ‘I like football and I like writing about something that I like,’ so, I thought, ‘Oh, I’ll give it a go.’




>> JENNIFER: As soon as we go into a school the kids are automatically drawn to the Premier League brand and the football club brand.


>> NATALIE: I said to them, ‘Do you know what the Premier League is?’ Like, ‘Yeah, of course I do,’ it sparks that enthusiasm. Once they’re inspired by something and they’re engaged in it, you can move mountains with them.


>> CHILD 4: Does everyone know what they’re doing?


>> CHILDREN: Yeah.


>> CHILD 5: The activities have made subjects more fun seeing as people enjoy the Premier League but they don’t enjoy that subject, if you mix them, they’d enjoy it more.


>> CHILD 6: I like doing all the football skills and put it into the bar chart because it makes maths more fun.


>> LOUISE: The best thing about Premier League Primary Stars was the impact.


I’m really proud of the outcomes that had come from deep discussion with friends and with teachers.


>> CHILD 7:  I learnt that we shouldn’t judge people because they’re different and we should treat everyone the same.


>> LIZ: Premier League Primary Stars really fits with our ethos, that idea of working to be the best you can be and never giving up.


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