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Film: Judging panel Writing Stars poetry competition 2020

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[Jonathan Douglas] So this is the third time that the Premier League Writing Stars competition has happened. And today we are celebrating ambition. Setting your sights high, fulfilling your dreams and celebrating the power of ambition. Some extraordinary pieces of poetry, I think.

[Karl Nova] Ambition is like fuel. So, if you're going somewhere, or you want to go somewhere, you have to have something that powers how you get there. So, I feel a child having an ambition drives them.

[Jonathan Douglas] Let's actually get stuck in and have a look at some of this poetry.

[Wes Morgan] I'll come onto mine. So, poem number six, which is called Ambition.

She talks about her heart a lot, so basically just 'following your dreams, following your heart', and not being afraid to go out there, put yourself out there and try your best. That's how that poem came across to me.

[Cressida Cowell] The 'Decide what you want to do, and listen to your heart, believe yourself and go on, just  listen to your heart'.

I think that one is actually very emotional. I don't know why I overlooked that one. I think I particularly love that one.

[Jonathan Douglas] And the thing is, the rhythm is like

the beating of a heart, isn't it? You actually get that sense. I think it's fantastic.

[Karl Nova] I have to say this is one of my picks and

I'm very happy this wins because it's the repetition, it's very powerful.

[Jonathan Douglas] So, our over all winner for Key Stage One in that case is India, aged six, from South East England with Ambition. Brilliant. Congratulations India!

[Wes Morgan] Well done.

[Karl Nova] Well done India. You took it!

[Cressida Cowell] My first one is Unstoppable by Jonathan.

I love the rhythm of this poem. All leading up to 'I've shown them, I've blown them away into the dusty day'.

That's amazing!

[Jonathan Douglas] I absolutely love this, yeah.

[Wes Morgan] Just the word itself, unstoppable, is so powerful. That immediately resonated to me.

When you read the poem, the first bit of it is, 'they punched me down, they laughed at me, mocked me, thought I didn't shine, thought I couldn't be'. And I just feel it's a very powerful poem, and something that some people could relate to.

[Karl Nova] See, it's now going to sound like

I'm just jumping on the bandwagon, but the first pick has to be 'Unstoppable'. Somebody really fighting through to achieve their dreams, no matter what anybody says about them. Because sometimes that happens on your road to ambition.

[Jonathan Douglas] Congratulations to our two fantastic Premier League Writing Stars. To India and Jonathan, you're worthy winners. And thank you to our brilliant judges, to Karl, to Cressida, to Wes, thank you so very much. And keep on writing!