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Film: The best English lesson ever

Audio described with transcript


Teacher: Ok boys and girls, the reason why you’re here today is because you are going to be going to a spelling camp. So we’re going to get a coach and we’re going to go over there.

Coach: All we need to do now is just wait for the spelling teachers. Any minute now.

Children: [Cheering]

Coach: Wow! We’ve got Rafa, we’ve got Atsu. So what we’re going to do, we’re going to spell a word, and it’s a word jumbled up.
Now the first word is going to be… giggle!
Let’s go! Let’s move them!
Where’s he going to go?
Is that right?

Children: Yeah!

Coach: Move back – does it spell giggle?

Children: Yeah!

Coach: Go!

Benitez: Change

Coach: Are we done?

Benitez: I don’t understand

Children: Magpie!