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Film: Brighton and Cadogan

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[Cadogan]: Action!

My name is Cadogan and I go to
Coombe Road Primary School.

[Vicky Phillips]: Cadogan came to our school at the
beginning of Year 4.
He had had some bad experience of schooling
His parents felt his needs weren't being met and
socially, children didn't quite understand him.
[Cris Guy]: He only had a certain amount of friends at
school and he would only do certain things.
He didn't really want to get involved with other things.
He was really just left on his own.
Cadogan finds the whole competitive side of sports
and Albion in the Community have really supported us
with that.

[Cadogan]: I need to play games, then that's how I start
crying, because I didn't win.

[Carly Farrell]: Boys and girls today
what we're going to be
looking at some teamwork activities
What we do is we use the power of sport to help build
resilience, teamwork, inclusion and making sure that
the children have good understanding that can carry
them forward in everyday life.
You're going to work together to try and move these
cups, but you're not allowed to use your hands.
Everyone must be included. Cadogan - you're going to
lead the conversation with your team-mates.

[Cadogan]: Working as a team is better than working
on your own

[Children] : Yes!

I can't express it enough what a different child he is!

[Cadogan]: It really doesn't matter if you win. You
might be so frustrated and it might be really hard
to keep it in! I just think it doesn't matter now.

I think he's happy. He communicates, he interacts with
And that's down to the school and down to working
with Albion in the Community and Carly. It's fantastic

[Carly]: The Be Ambitious award goes to...Cadogan!

Thank you. Thank you so much. You've changed his
life. Our life.
Brilliant. Thanks!
And he'd better win on Saturday!