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Film: Cardiff City and Kayden

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[Kayden]: My name is Kayden, I go to Herbert Thompson Primary School Football is basically my life. My favourite team is Cardiff City because the courage they have is amazing. The people that come from Cardiff City are Dean and Tom.

[Dean Pymble]: Really nice kid, always happy within school but his confidence was really lacking especially when speaking in front of his peers and in front of some of the teachers

[Sheena Marsh]: When he was in Year 4 he was part of a literacy project. It had a massive, massive impact on him. They were told there might be a special visitor coming and Kayden said that it would be his dream if Sol Bamba, one of the Cardiff City players, came.

[DP]: He did whisper over to his friend "I hope it's Sol Bamba" and he couldn't believe when Sol Bamba walked through the doors. [Kayden]: He actually came, he sat by me and it was just amazing.

[SM]: On the day, one of the children got the opportunity to go out to the front and read their commentary aloud with the match in the background in front of Sol Bamba.

[Kayden]: In my commentary I kept saying, "what a goal" for like five seconds. Goaaaallll! What a cracking goal from Sol Bamba.

[DP]: He did a fantastic job, something the head teacher said she never thought he would do. [SM]: For him, I think that was his turning point, it's really had an impact on him personally. [Kayden]: I used to be very shy but now I'm more confident.

[Jo Dunne]: The work that the teachers have done and the Cardiff City Foundation have just transformed him really as a person. He's become so eloquent and he actually enjoys talking in front of an audience.

[Kayden commentating]: The Primary Stars classes have just helped me think outside the box instead of just simple one-word answers.

[SM]: It's really engaged him and also encouraged him to have confidence in his other skills  such as reading and writing also.

[Kayden]: You don't really expect to work as such a good team. It's an amazing honour working with Cardiff City.