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Character building challenge - Helena Pielichaty

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Hello, I'm Helena Pielichaty. I'm a children's writer, I've written over 32 books including The Girls FC series.

“Characters help form the bases of all stories.” This is true.

“We would would like you.” that's you, “To create a character, thinking about what they look like on the outside, what they're wearing, and so on. But also, tell us a little bit about their personality and what they're like on the inside.”

Oh that's good, that's really important. “Are they happy, are they confident, shy, moody maybe?” Writers, it's up to you.

“Head over to the Premier League Primary Stars website to download the worksheets they've created, with the National Literacy Trust.”

Oh, they're good. “When you've finished we'd love it if you would share your characters with us on social media.”

Good luck!

Remember, all you need is a pencil, a bit of paper and you're good to go.

All the best, see you soon.