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Film: Chelsea and Diversity

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[TEACHER 1]: It was great today, they really enjoyed it.

They had a really good time, and I think that it made them really think. He’s a hero for most of our children.

[TEACHER 2]: Hello, welcome Gary.

[GARY]: Hi, you alright?

[TEACHER 2]: Come to the front for us.


[TEACHER 1]: Primary Stars programme, it gives the children a different perspective. We often talk to them about diversity, but getting other people in from outside to prove that to them, makes it real for them.

[CHILD 1]: Well, after I met Gary Cahill, I was really, really happy because to have him come in, it was very exciting, very mind-blowing.

[TEACHER 1]: We have a say in the kind of things that we want to do with the children and it’s really nice that because then we can link it to things that are happening in the school, to our topics, to our PSHE lessons…

[CHILD 2]: When you were our age, did you ever think you would play with people from so many countries?

[GARY]: Never, no never. When I first started playing, there were a lot of English players in the team I was playing in, and now where I play at Chelsea, there are a lot of foreign players. It’s all about trying to work with a group and… like you do at school.

[TEACHER 1]: Anti-bullying, and what it is to be working with other people… We talk about collaboration, respect…

[CHILD 3]: Even though everyone is different, no one should be treated differently.

[CHILD 4]: Today they told us to not judge people by how they look. People are different but that doesn’t mean you have to treat them differently.

[CHILD 1]: If everyone was exactly the same, in the whole wide world, life would be boring.

[TEACHER 1]: It’s about giving the children an insight into different aspects of life.

[TEACHER 2]: What we want you to do is to come up with a pledge, and on your table we’ve given you some key words to help.

[CHILD 5]: My favourite part of the day was when we read out our pledges.

[CHILD 6]: Our pledge is to be…

[CHILD 7]: …encouraging women and girls to be what they want to be.

[CHILD 1]: Young, old, any age works…

[CHILDREN]: Being unique definitely comes first.

[TEACHER 2]: Well done.


[CHILD 1]: What was the best part about having the visitors come in?

[CHILD 8]: Erm, it was just amazing. Speechless.