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Film: Everton and the girls' team

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[Student 1] I really enjoy putting on the kit and representing our school.

[Student 2] It makes you feel proud that you can do football when you're a girl.

[Student 3] We get to interact with each other and we get to know each other better. It started off there was only a boys' football team. They looked amazing when they played football. I went to Jane to see if we could do the same thing.

[Student 2] When you were watching them you felt like you could do that.

[Teacher] The year group is mainly two thirds boys. The girls are quite shy, lack in confidence.

[Student 1] My ambition was to actually join the team because I wanted to for ages but I thought it was just for all boys in school, but then with Everton being here, they encouraged me to go.

[Paddy] You know the worksheet that I gave you out. I want you to draw a happy person. We had to raise their confidence, make them aware that they can work with other people in their class, their peers, their friends, whether it's in the classroom, in the yard. Have the confidence to try new things.

[Student 2] Every week Everton encouraged us more and then we felt better playing with the boys.

[Student 1] Paddy's inspired us to work as a team and pass to each other and showed us how to be good team leaders.

[Teacher] So thanks to the after-school club and the increased participation in girls in footballwe were able to put together our first ever girls' football team.

[Student 3] I was so shocked to get into the football team and it made me feel special.

[Student 1] When I score a goal I feel proper proud because I've just give our team a chance to win.

[Student 3] I feel blessed to be a part of this experience. Like I started off being like I wasn't as confident as I am now. I probably would have said no to this interview.

[Student 2] We started improving like how we work together. I've enjoyed the whole experience and it's made me really happy.

[Paddy] Shake hands, girls. Well done! Fantastic!

[Student 1] They like inspire us not to give up, even if that's in any lesson. They just like show us "don't give up".