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Film: The role of sport

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>> ALEX : My name is Alex Scott

and I play right-back for Arsenal Ladies

and England Ladies.

Well, I actually signed for Arsenal Ladies

when I was eight years old

I remember I was playing in a football cage

in the East End of London,

I used to play with all the boys in the neighbourhood

and I actually got spotted.

So I went along for a trial and they signed me up straightaway

and I've grown up kind of in the Arsenal family.

I think it's so important for young children

to do sport in school,

like me, it gave me a focus, a determination, and a drive

from such a young age.

For me, I think a big lesson being involved in sport is

seeing people's different perspective on things

and it goes back to communication as well.

I am the team captain, I captain Arsenal Ladies,

and it's not always about me and what I say and being right,

it's about listening to my team-mate who might have a different opinion.

Sport connects people in so many different ways,

when you hear different stories that you have to work hard

to achieve and get where you want to be,

and I think sometimes people need to hear that.

So when I go to the world cup, I do blogs and articles,

and it's a way of expressing what you're going through at times.

Reading and writing for me is so important

being captain of Arsenal Ladies,

responding to team emails, interview requests

and reading press releases that are coming out,

and I have to write programme notes

so I have to make sure

I am getting the right messages across and re-reading,

making sure my grammar is correct.

Nobody does this for me, I have to go through it all myself

and make sure everything is correct.

Sport has given me so many opportunities

beyond just playing.

I have managed to travel the world, see different cultures,

playing countries that I never ever dreamed of,

and it's just made me see the bigger picture in life.

I want to meet people, have conversations,

hear stories from people all around the world,

and through playing football, I've managed to do that.