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Film: Dominic Calvert-Lewin

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[Dominic Calvert-Lewin] I was probably about six when I first experienced racism.

And I think at that age it's, the person that's being racist towards you probably doesn't quite understand what it really means, or what they are actually saying.

And the lad that it was, actually became one of my best friends, throughout school.

And, it was just a prime example of not being educated at that point.

And I probably went home to my mum, and told her and told my dad.

I think, they always said to me, just be comfortable in your own skin and always love yourself, and no matter what you look like.

And that was my first experience.

I have yes, and it's more so, where I've kind of seen it is in your Instagram, direct messages or wherever.

From anonymous people that you know make accounts, or whatever, you call them trolls, don't you?

I look at, some players have reported it now and it's nice to know that if you do report it, something's going to happen.

Because I feel like in the past it's been too easy to think, I have to deal with it, it's part and parcel, which it's not.

You know, people are getting punished now.

Speak to whoever you need to speak to, whether that be your family members or your friends.

And voice your opinion because, don't give the person the satisfaction of affecting your happiness at the end of the day.

No-one should have that right.

And I would say that, block them, report it and tell an adult.

I can yes, I experienced it where someone close to me experienced racist abuse, and at the time you feel infuriated and angry.

It's tough to deal with at the time in the heat of the moment, but I would always say don't react to it in anger, and then go on and tell somebody.

Listen to what they have to say, and just, if you're a friend or a team-mate, just be there.

Be there for that person and give them advice if they need to speak to an adult or speak to somebody about it.

It's massive. We're team-mates regardless of our skin colour and our ethnicity.

But, if anything was to happen, I know I have the backing of my team-mates, and likewise they have with me.

Fantastic, you know. I learn from different people everyday, different cultures, people with different coloured-skin and it makes no difference.

I always think, it's a cliché, but it's what's on the inside which makes a good person.

Regardless of the colour of their skin, they're just from a different part of the world, which for me is a fantastic opportunity as a 23-year-old man.