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Film: Premier League Primary Stars Plastic Pollution Challenge

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My name is Alex Scott, and I was the captain
for my team, Arsenal.

I've heard you've all been learning
about ocean health and the use of single-use plastics.

It's something I'm also doing in my life.

Making those simple every-day changes.

It's such a cool campaign and I'm
proud to be a part of it.

And it's great to have all of you
involved too.

We are launching a competition
to challenge you to come up with a
school or class pledge to join the Sky Ocean Rescue
#PassOnPlastic campaign.

So, what is a pledge?

Basically, it's a promise,
an agreement or guarantee
that you are going to do something.

Thinking about it, you may have
already written a pledge
in your PSHE education lesson.

But this challenge is about working
together as a class or a school.

So, what kind of thing
could your class do?

You all look busy,
what are you doing?

PUPILS>> We've been thinking of some ideas
how to get involved.

ALEX SCOTT>> Really? That's fantastic.
Who's gonna to share first?

PUPILS>> You can hold an end of term
plastic-free sports day.

ALEX SCOTT>> I like that!

PUPILS>> We can use paper straws
instead of plastic straws.

ALEX SCOTT>> Good one!

PUPILS>> Let's use refillable water bottles.


PUPILS>>  How about an old plastic toy swap shop?

ALEX SCOTT>> Or how about getting your football
involved in seeing what you can do together?

ALEX SCOTT>> Some really good ideas, which has
hopefully got you lot thinking.

Entering the prize draw is easy. 
Ten lucky classes will be picked to attend a day at the
Sky Academy Studios where you can make a film
about ocean plastics pollution featuring your challenge.

One school will be chosen from a prize draw to have a 
very special visitor:

Plasticus, the Sky Ocean Rescue whale will come to your school.

We'll also bring the one and only Premier League trophy.

ALL>> Ooooh!

ALEX SCOTT>> And maybe a few other special guests.

Good luck and remember to hashtag