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Film: Michail Antonio

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[Michail Antonio]

It shows that everyone all over the world can be in one changing room, can get along.

Some of my closest friends, like Angelo Ogbonna, who's Italian,and Pablo Fornals, who's Spanish, whose English is good, but it's not proper.

But, there's enough for me to understand what he's got to say. And we can go out and have a meal and be able to speak to each other all the way through it. So, it is quality. I'm trying to learn Spanish now.

I feel like because all these players that are coming in, I shouldn't expect them to speak English, even though we are in England. But, I feel like I should  try and make an effort to learn how they speak.

It shows that we can do it in football. We can be altogether and all one and have no problems.

So, society should be able to do it as well.

I grew up in south-west London. Wandsworth, a small area called Earlsfield.

There wasn't really many black families there.

But, where I went to school, there were quite a few black kids and a few Asian, a few BAME people.

But, I would say it was quite diverse.

It's just probably one of the most important things in life because life is more diverse than it's ever been and is only going to get more diverse as time goes on.

If anything, it's going to make the world a better place because then you're learning more things and more of a culture comes in.

And it doesn't matter what colour you are, everyone's culture has taken in parts of different cultures, to make everyone's world a better place.

The majority of the time I just say to them, 'Look, they're idiots.'

'Do not let them affect you in any way, shape or form. They're just not educated.

'You move on, you live your life and show them that you can be better than them.'

The only thing you can do is hope that that person can educate themselves.

And, obviously, I've been with friends with loads of white people and stuff like that and there are certain things that happen and even though they're constantly around black people, they still don't understand. So, maybe they can also educate themselves as well.