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Film: Resilience Case Study

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>> NATALIE:  One of our big goals this year, at school, is to build on children's resilience and to force our children to keep on trying. The Primary Stars scheme has been brilliant in seeing real-life people who have gone on to achieve their goals, and no matter how big or small they may be, I think it has made a few children realise actually, with a lot of hard work, with the effort, and with the enthusiasm, maybe I could do that as well, which has been fab.

>> ALAN:  We do run a programme in the school, a growth mindset programme. So those issues of perseverance, resilience, that's language that we are using every day in school.

>> INTERVIEWER:  How does it make you feel when you hit that target?

>> GIRL1:  Happy.


>> INTERVIEWER:  Yeah, it gives you that good feeling, doesn't it?

>> GIRL2:  Because I like...

>> INTERVIEWER:  Does it come easy or do you have to work at it?

>> GIRL2:  Work at it.

 >> INTERVIEWER:  You have to work at it.

>> GIRL2:  I wanted to get over my maths target, and I got over it, my maths target.

>> INTERVIEWER:  There you go.

>> INTERVIEWER:  And how did that make you feel when you did that?

>> GIRL2:  Proud.


>> INTERVIEWER:  Does it just make you proud?

>> GIRL1:  No, it makes all the teachers proud as well.

>> GIRL2:  And it makes your family proud.

>> INTERVIEWER:  Exactly.

>> BOY1:  And we're like putting down what we think we can achieve in the next four days. If I achieve my goals, I would feel really proud and really, really happy.

>> BOY2:  The Premier League Primary Stars, when people find it tough, to tell them, "Never give up. You can push yourself to the limit. You can go as far as you want to go as long as you believe in yourself."

>> TEACHER:  Yeah, being confident. Paulie?

>> GIRL3: Keep a growth mindset. And if something goes wrong, you keep on trying.

>> TEACHER:  Right, so you're linking it into our growth mindset word. So yes, so growth mindset.

>> ALAN:  It's starting to show them the qualities that they need for life and they need to take in the life skills.