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Film: Fulham and Cyrus

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[Cyrus]: My name is Cyrus and I go to St. Mary's Primary School. At school I'd describe myself as sometimes kind of quiet and sometimes quite chatty. It's because if somebody starts a conversation I usually carry on a lot.


[Nick Allen]: When I first taught Cyrus he was very quiet and shy, almost nervous when approached. Wouldn't look you in the eyes, he'd look down.


[Shauna Lamprecht]: We've been really fortunate to work with Fulham FC Foundation. They've been instrumental in helping us to put in many of the programmes that we use now, especially with children like Cyrus.


[Matt Weller]: Cyrus was identified to us as someone that was very, very intelligent, but lacked a lot of confidence in themselves. So what we've looked at this year is really trying to bring out that confidence.


[Nick]: Confidence is a massive part of learning, so for a child to have confidence in any area it allows them to progress and develop.


[Matt]: The lessons are designed around winning and losing, problem solving and perseverance, and developing resilience. Why is it important that we reflect? Where we really test their social development, often we'll put them in situations where they're really likely to fail.


[Cyrus]: Since working with coach Matt, I learned that it doesn't really matter about winning or losing, it's more about having fun and helping others.


[Nick]: We're feeling it's allowed Cyrus to take the leadership role amongst his peers and being able to justify and verbalize his ideas.


[Cyrus]: I like working with other people because I can make new friends.


[Shauna]: Fulham have been instrumental in helping children when things are quite challenging inside and outside the classroom.


[Matt]: The teamwork I saw in that game was fantastic!


[Nick]: The next step for Cyrus is to continue what he's doing, carrying on to develop and to apply that in different areas of his studies.


[Cyrus]: I feel more confidence because the more people I help, the more confidence I get.