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Film: Get in Touch challenge

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[Dan Walker] Hello everybody, I'm Dan Walker, you might have seen me on the television at breakfast time, or sometimes nattering about football on a Saturday.

Forget that. The important job this week is to tell you about the Premier League Primary Stars Family Challenge.

We want you to write a letter, together, to an older friend, a relative or maybe a neighbour.

You can write about football, you can write about what you have been up to at home, or tell them maybe about one of your hobbies.

The important thing is that you share a story that makes the person who reads that letter smile.

Do you need some ideas?

Well, there are three downloadable letter-writing templates and ideas sheets available, at, or just simply grab a pen and a piece of paper and start writing.

You can post your letter if you can find a stamp, if the person lives nearby drop it through the letterbox, and if you can't do either of those, ring the person and maybe read what you've written down the phone.

I promise you, the fact that you've taken the time to do that will mean so much to them.

So have fun, get together as a family and enjoy the Get In Touch challenge.

Thank you for listening, see you soon.