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Film: Hull City and Martyna

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[Martyna] Sport is a very fun way to get on with your friends and it's really enjoyable when you can help your team. When Ed came from Tigers Trust the class was really enjoyable as we got to play lots of different team games and he always helped us if anything was wrong or if we couldn't do it, and I really enjoyed it.

[Ed] Martyna is always really confident but mainly only within her close group of friends.

[Martyna] I think that I wanted to gain more confidence over this term and with Ed coming in it has really helped because I've been able to become a leader and speak up a little bit for the team.

[Ed] We have Reception right the way through to Year 6 coming through to our sessions. OK, afternoon, guys. Welcome to after-school club. Right. What we're going to do this afternoon is we are going to work a lot on our teamwork skills. She took it upon herself to work with those different age groups of children and the level of ability that they had.

[Martyna] Everyone deserves a go, no matter how old they are, how tall they are or small they are. They can always have a go and they can always be good at it if they practise and they try their hardest. And also if I helped out I could learn some new skills along the way as well. If you want to help the little kids, sometimes you've got to know what they do best. You've just got to simplify it or you've got to just run along with them, even if they're finding it hard. You've got to roll it through Alison's legs. Well done. It makes me feel really good when I see somebody smiling because of what I've done. And I find that I'm learning some of the skills such as leadership and then you can find out a bit more about yourself, and it's really good.

[Young child] Martyna's great. She's really good at explaining what to do.

[Martyna] I think I have seen an improvement in my sports as well as the essential skills which we have been learning. Not just to become a sports star but also to become a good person. I'll continue to work hard and listen well so I can develop others.