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Film: Leicester City win and player reactions

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ANNOUNCER: Leicester City Football Club's journey from the previous season, were nearly relegated to staying within the Premier League, defying all odds.

FUCHS: Well I know it's happened but I can't really believe it, because it's out there you know. It's a great story but it's Leicester City, it's not like one of the top clubs that, you know, are supposed to win every year.


MORGAN: I think it’s a combination of things, you know, I think we had the momentum, definitely. And we were going into each game thinking: “Right we need to win”.

FUCHS: Obviously there was some doubt when we lost away against Arsenal, which was kind of a big defeat for us. I think it was lost in the very last second of the game. And then Arsenal I think it was one point… Or we were one point clear, two points clear from Arsenal. And, you know, everybody thought: “OK now they might break down”. But we didn't do the favour to anybody and at the end we were 10 points up.