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Film: Maths Stars Training challenge

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[Rachel Riley] Hi everyone, I'm super-maths fan Rachel Riley.

And I'm here to set you this week's
Premier League Primary Stars Friday Family Challenge.

We want your family to work together to
gather maths data in an active way.

So your challenge this week, is to grab a washing basket
or box, whatever you've got lying around, some rolled up pairs of socks and see how many you can throw into the basket in 30 seconds.

Make sure you find a suitable space, like this.

And, try out, like this.

You will need to make a note of how many pairs of socks you hit the target in that time.

And using that data, I want you to draw a bar chart showing how many each member of your family got into the box.

You can head to Premier League Primary Stars to download the bar chart challenge worksheet.

And learn how to display your results.

If you know how to create your own bar chart, then simply grab a piece of paper, a pen, and a ruler and get drawing.

Share your family's results with us by taking a photo of your bar chart and then posting it on Twitter, @plcommunities,  #PLPrimaryStars.

Are you ready family?

Go on then Mave, how many can you get?