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Film: Motion capture with Marcus Rashford – a look behind the scenes

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>> AMELIA: My name's Amelia and I go to Manley Primary School.


>> ASHTON: My name's Ashton and I go to Button Lane Primary School.




>> AMELIA: I'm going to meet Marcus Rashford

and I'm going to be a FIFA character.


>> ASHTON: I'm looking forward to seeing him in person,

and having a conversation with him.


>> CONNOR: Today we're developing resources

for Premier League Primary Stars.


>> CHRISTOPHER: We use Premier League Primary Stars every day

in all the lessons, from KS1 to KS2.


>> CONNOR: We have two children

and we're going to be showing them how we make games.


>> CHRISTOPHER: A lot of kids play FIFA.

It's a good way to try and get a PE element out of it

whilst playing FIFA, as well.


>> CONNOR: The first thing they did was we got them into suits.




>> AMELIA: Well I've had this special costume

and it's got rubber dots on it.

>> ASHTON: My hands are a bit weird.


>> AMELIA: I have no idea why we're putting this on, but it's fun.


>> CONNOR: The things that we stick on them are called "markers".

They all have shiny, reflective tape on.

So then when he bends and turns,

we can stick track all of that.

The cameras look at the dots and then we go through

and build a skeleton out of those dots.


>> ANNA-LAURA:   We're doing a range of motion now.

We're basically telling the system

all the different motions

that the character might do.


>> CONNOR: We'll be using that on the 3D characters

and the kids will then be able to see them on the screen.




>> CONNOR: We have a Premier League football player.

He'll be going through and making sure

that all the movements are correct

and up to scratch

and probably not show them how it's done -

the kids will probably show him up.


>> MARCUS: Today we just met up with Amelia and Ashton

and we've been doing some basic movements

with and without the ball.



>> AMELIA: We've been doing different activities

of jumping and hopping.


>> ASHTON: We did loads of different activities,

some simple ones and some more tricky ones.




>> MARCUS: I think a lot of the basic movements

that you do in PE and education,

I think it all interlinks with a lot of different sports

and doing that kind of foundation in schools,

it's important,

then you can grow and develop.

Amelia and Ashton have done well today

and I think their coordination--

it's good to see that they can do it naturally,

and whether they have learnt it or not,

now that they've got it, they've got the foundations

to go on and do what they can.


>> AMELIA: My favourite part of the day was

playing football with Marcus Rashford.

Marcus is has inspired me to do football

and get better at it.


>> ASHTON: My favourite bit of the day was when Marcus walked in

and I asked him questions

about whether he'd be happy to see me replace him

in the squad.

Are you worried that I'm going to take your place next year?


>> MARCUS: Definitely.


>> MARCUS: Be ambitious,

be inspiring,

be connected,

be fair.