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Film: Watch our Plastic Pollution Challenge films

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 >> CHILD 1: Did you know that every minute the equivalent of a rubbish truck of plastic is dumped into the ocean?

 >> CHILD 2: The plastic destroys our oceans and is killing animals.

 >> CHILD 3: Ultimately, we are eating the plastic we dump in the sea.

 >> CHILD 4: The students at Eastlea Primary School decided enough is enough.

 >> CHILD 5: Saint Mary Abbott’s in the last 6 months have undertaken a project to recycle pens.

 >> CHILD 2: Richard Clarke has done a Plastic Fantastic fashion show to raise awareness of using too much plastic.

 >> CHILD 6: I can’t believe I’m on TV! Hi Mum!

 >> CHILD 7: Behave yourself, [Inaudible]!

 >> CHILD 8: Right.

 >> CHILD 9: Our head teacher let us introduce several recycling schemes and encouraged staff to re-use materials.

 >> CHILD 10: The group collected almost 40 bags of plastic rubbish.

 >> CHILD 11: We created ecobricks.

 >> CHILD 12: We ended up having over 150 ecobricks.

 >> CHILD 13: We are talking about creating beds, tables, chairs and even houses.

 >> CHILD 14: What about we use paper straws? Why not, why not?

 >> CHILD 15: Refuse, reduce, and re-use plastic.

 >> CHILD 16: It is everyone’s responsibility to protect our environment and look after our globe.

 >> CHILD 17: We can all make a difference, no matter how small.

 >> CHILD 5: Don’t stand on the sidelines but get involved!