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Sample film: Coordination - Receiving and trapping summary

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>> CHILDREN: Premier League Primary Stars!

>> CHILD 1: Dynamic duos.

>> CHILD 2: And how many ways?

>> CHILD 3: Are great for learning to catch.

>> CHILDREN: - Trap. - And kick.

>> CHILD 4: I was really good at kicking.

>> FEMALE COACH: These activities are designed for Key Stage 1 pupils where they send and receive a variety of equipment both independently as a pair and as a team. Pupils will learn to perform a variety of ways to receive an object both with hands and feet, demonstrate receiving and trapping skills using a variety of equipment, they will identify which body parts are used when receiving and trapping, and reflect and review on their own progress during the session.

>> MALE COACH: We see lots of different types of fundamental movements that kids can use here and translate across lots of different sports.

>> FEMALE VOICEOVER: You will need scarves, bean bags, balls of a variety of sizes and textures, quoits, and cones.

>> FEMALE COACH: Perform a variety of ways to receive an object both with hands and feet. You're gonna stand there and explore different ways of moving the object around your body but it cannot touch the floor.


>> FEMALE COACH: Demonstrate receiving and trapping skills using a variety of equipment. So you can choose whichever object you want. Link hands and all we're gonna do is send the object over the top of our barrier.


>> FEMALE COACH: Halfway. We're halfway through. What were they doing with their hands so you knew they wanted the ball?

>> CHILD 5: Erm, getting ready.

>> FEMALE COACH: So show me how your bare hands were to get ready? Excellent. Identify which body parts are used when receiving and trapping. You are sat inside a big square that has been divided into four little squares. So in this one, you're gonna throw and catch. In this one, you're gonna trap the bean bag, kick it back. Bounce the ball to your partner. Bounce. Catch. Bounce. Catch. We're gonna roll it, you're gonna stop it with your hands or your foot, then roll it back. You ready? Roll it. So Emily can stop it with her foot. There you go. And then you've got to roll it back. You've got to count how many you do in 30 seconds.

>> CHILD 6: You put your foot on top of a equipment.

>> CHILD 7: Stretch your palms out so it doesn't fall out.

>> FEMALE COACH: These resources are really good for people that aren't specialist PE teachers or haven't had a lot of training within PE because they're quick and simple and the action resource cards are really easy to follow, and then they have steps on how to make it easier or how to make it harder, and you can just follow those as you're going along.

>> CHILDREN: - Be... - Inspiring.
- Be... - Ambitious.
- Be... - Connected.
- Be... - Fair.