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Film: Herons Dale School

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>> KAY BURLEY: Hello there, I’m Kay Burley reporting for Sky News. We have an important Sky News exclusive. We head now to Studio One at Sky Academy Skill Studios.

>> SKYE: Hello welcome to Herons Dale I’m Skye. So I know Miss Jackson and because my friend Zach we are making sure that there’s not been plastic in near the sea since all the animals are dying or near the sea. Since the plastic are rolling into the ocean killing the animals. My friend wants to say something.

>> ZACH: The bags can kill them because they can suffer them, and they can die.

>> SKYE: And here are some people that want to show their pictures. [Students showing pictures]. Do not bring your straws and plastic bags to the sea because the animals will die. And they will-, glitter, no more glitter in the school. Since these animals are dying since little bits of glitter. Finn and Ivy and Prestor want to show something.


>> FINN: Hello and welcome to our news reports. My name is Finn.

>> IVY: I’m Ivy. Today we’re going to learn about talking about glitter.

>> FINN: At Herons Dale we have stopped using glitter to save the sea animals.

>> PRESTOR: They don’t use plastic straws. Why don’t you use paper straws? Why not? Why not. Okay. As well as about the situation here why ever plastic bottles. I thought why not we can use something else like a bottle that has lid on it, and you can drink it. Yes, that sounds good.

>> FINN: Now handing over to the team.


>> ANNE: Hello and welcome to Herons Dale’s ocean rescue.

>> MASON: And we’re with Mason, Anne, Georgie, Abby, Ben.

>> GEORGIE: We are going to talk about plastic waste across the ocean. I’ll pass you over to Ben.

>> BEN: I think that the ocean is in danger now and I think that time is that we should save it and not put plastic in it never, ever again and also I think it’s a good idea to stop being nonsensible and start being independent and start putting plastic in the bin. Because otherwise the kids won’t ever even able to see animals cry and if they get sad it would be a sad community and a sad climate. But right now I see some people are doing it even more and they never even think of what they’re doing. They might be brainless or something. And we should have no glitter in school.


>> KAY BURLEY: Thanks to the team at Sky Academy Skill Studios. That’s the end of our special report. I’m Kay Burley, thank you for watching.