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Film: The Richard Clarke First School

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>> KAY BURLEY: Hello there, I’m Kay Burley, reporting for Sky News. We have an important Sky News exclusive. We head now to studio one at Sky Academy Skill Studios.

>> EVA: Breaking news. The world is using too much single-use plastic. The plastic destroys our oceans and is killing animals. But Richard Clark has done a Plastic Fantastic fashion show to raise awareness of using too much plastic. Thank goodness.

>> GERTIE: The children have been making outfits out of plastic, and are having a fashion show right now.

>> MALE: camera shy?

>> BOTH CHILDREN: That’s all from us, over to Izzy, live at the fashion show.


>> IZZY: Thank you, Eva and Gertie, my name is Izzy, and I’m your host today. And, what’s going on behind me is a Plastic Fantastic show.


>> IZZY: This show encourages people to stop using plastic. Look at all of these sensational creations out of plastic.


>> IZZY: That is all from me, now over to Freddie and Mia.


>> FREDDIE: Thank you, Izzy.

>> MIA: Hi, my name is Mia.

>> FREDDIE: And my name is Freddie.

>> MIA: And today we are joined by Billy the Mascot. He has been there for one of the most important days.

>> FREDDIE: He was here for the fashion show.

>> MIA: How was the fashion show?

>>IMOGEN: Hi, my name’s Imogen.

>> MILLY: And my name’s Milly.

>> IMOGEN: The fashion show was great because we raised awareness about plastic pollution and we made costumes out of plastic.

>> MILLY: Also we raised money for a charity.

>> IMOGEN: Now we know how to recycle plastic.

>> MIA: Thank you, that’s all from us.

>> FREDDIE: Now, over to Jess for more.


>> JESSICA: Thank you, Freddie and Mia. Okay, hello, I’m Jessica, who are you?

>> DARREN: Darren.

>> CHARLES: I’m Charles.

>> JESSICA: So, how do you feel about your children raising awareness about plastic pollution?

>> DARREN: Very, very, very, very happy.

>> CHARLES: I feel great about DJ doing this pledge.


>> CHARLES: Now, do that outfit. Oh, you’ve already finished it.

>> JESSICA: That wasn’t supposed to happen.

>> CHARLES: Very good.

>> JESSICA: And who are you?

>> DJ: I’m DJ. Bye-bye.

>> JESSICA: Do you recycle plastic at home?

>> CHARLES: Yes, I do, I give it to my son, and he makes amazing things.

>> DARREN: Yes, I do.

>> JESSICA: So, what cool things does he make?

>> CHARLES: He makes cool costumes and wicked rockets.

>> JESSICA: What plastic things do you use at home?

>> DARREN: Plastic bags, yoghurt, um, yoghurt pots, plastic bottles, bin bags.

>> CHARLES: A lot of parents have stopped and used alternatives.

>> JESSICA: Thank you for watching, and goodbye.

>> DARREN: Bye.

>> JESSICA: Bye.

>> CHARLES: Bye.

>> DJ: (exaggerated) Goodbye.


>> KAY BURLEY: Thanks to the team at Sky Academy Skill Studios, that’s the end of our special report. I’m Kay Burley, thank you for watching.