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Premier League Wellbeing Stars - Dr Hazel Harrison

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[Dr Hazel Harrison] Hi guys. My name is Dr Hazel Harrison and I am a psychologist, meaning an important part of my job is to improve peoples' wellbeing and promote positive mental health.

So, one thing that helps us to feel great is showing kindness to others.

Helping others can make us feel braver and more positive, and that’s why I’m challenging you to take part in the Premier League Wellbeing Stars challenge.

A challenge you can do at home or in school, you just need to create your own wellbeing week plan made up of five acts of kindness that you will write down and carry out.

From writing a letter to a family member to helping your teacher. By sending your acts of kindness in the wellbeing week template, your school might be lucky enough to receive a visit from the Premier League trophy.

To get involved, ask your teacher or your guardian to go to and take part in Premier League Wellbeing Stars before 19 April 2021.

I can’t wait to see all the kind things that you do.