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Premier League Wellbeing Stars - Motivational message from Karim Zeroual

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[Karim Zeroual] Hey, I’m Karim Zeroual and I’m supporting Premier League Wellbeing Stars.

Doing something nice for other people can make a real difference to their wellbeing and can make you feel good too.

That’s why the Premier League is challenging primary school children to complete five acts of kindness as part of the Premier League Wellbeing Stars challenge.

You could do lots of different things like organising a game at break time for your friends or helping your parents with chores at home.

Take part with your school, or as a family, and you could be rewarded with some incredible Premier League goodies.

How cool would that be?

Your school could even receive a visit from the Premier League trophy.

You can find all the information you need to take part on our website. It’s right down there.

I can’t wait to see the positive difference you’ll make to others.