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Win fantastic prizes for your child’s school

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>> CHILDREN: Premier League Primary stars!


>> TEACHER: What an exciting day for our school.


>> MEL: It is fantastic to be here.

My name's Mel, and I'm from the Premier League.


>> MEL: This trophy tour actually started

 because we launched our new website,

 And one of the teachers from a local school

 pre-registered on that site so was entered into a prize draw.

 And it's just a really good reward

 to say "thank you" for engaging with the programme.

 And it's nice to be able to bring that kind of excitement

 and the Premier League magic out to visit the schools.


>> CHILD 1: I was just really amazed...

 because, like, Jamie Vardy held it

 and he's my star player.


>> CHILD 2: I couldn't believe it

 because, like, Manchester United, or City, or someone like that

 would be holding it.

 And now it's at Burton Albion.


>> CHILD 3: It's been really exciting.

 I've enjoyed it because I've always wanted to see

 the Premier League cup.


>> CHILD 4: I... I can't speak.

 It's good that it just makes me feel really happy now

 because there's not a lot of people that get to experience

 seeing the Premier League trophy,

 not even once in their life.

 Not a lot of people get to do it.


>> CHILD 5: I'm going to make a model of that.


>> ROSS: We did an assembly this morning

 which went really well.

 With the trophy there, so their faces--

 You see the kids when they came in was amazing.

 And they're all doing activities now,

   again, revolved around the trophy

 but around sort of, sportsmanship and teamwork.


>> MEL: We've taken that theme,

 the kind of inspiration of the football, the stadia,

the Premier League trophy

and we've tried to help think how we can support the teachers

in their English lessons and their Maths lessons.


>> ROSS: Work around PSHE, Literacy, and Numeracy

and Enterprise that's coming on board very shortly


>> MS CURRAN: I thought it was a fantastic way

to try and enthuse children to get involved through sports,

as well as promoting the reading.


>> DAN: "Mr Marsden raised the whistle to his mouth

and that burst of noise was the signal for Jamie to step forwards."

But what would I need to be good at

if I wanted to be a journalist in a newspaper?




>> DAN: My writing.

 And sometimes that's really important in life,

 to be able to find the right words,

 to express yourself, to say what you mean.


>> MEL: So whether it's remembering to say "thank you",

 whether it's remembering to, kind of,

 sometimes not drop your head when it's not right the first time,

 but giving it a go and having another go.

 It's about being the best you can be.


>> MRS HARROS: Primary Stars really fits with our ethos.

 It dovetails, perfectly.

 That idea of working to be the best you can be,

 really working hard, and never giving up,

 but doing it as part of a team.




>> CHILD 6: It's like a memory that nobody will ever forget.


>> ROSS: So, hopefully, coming out to schools like this today,

 other people will see it, sign up to the website,

 everything's completely free so we want to try and inspire

 as many teachers to get involved as we can

 across the whole of England and Wales.


>> MEL: Be...! >> CHILDREN: Inspiring!


>> MEL: Be...! >> CHILDREN: Ambitious!


>> MEL: Be...! >> CHILDREN: Fair!


>> MEL: Be...! >> CHILDREN: Connected!