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Top tips from authors Alex and Ben

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[Alex Bellos] And I'm Alex from Football School.

[Ben Lyttleton] And we're here to set you this week's Premier League Primary Stars challenge.

[Alex Bellos] We're going to ask each other some questions that explain what you need to do for the challenge. OK. Ben, my first question to you is, what format should the quiz take? Should there be a) three multiple-choice answers per question, b) you need to draw a picture of the answer to each question or c) you need to mime the answers?

[Ben Lyttleton] I'm going to go for a), three multiple-choice answers per question.

[Alex Bellos] Is the correct answer, congratulations!

[Ben Lyttleton] Thank you. Now, my time to ask you a question, Alex. When writing a quiz, how difficult should the questions be? Is it a) really easy, b) not too easy, but not too hard or c) absolutely impossible?

[Alex Bellos] Oh, the answer, I know that. Definitely know the answer. I think the answer must be b) not too hard, not too easy.

[Ben Lyttleton] Correct! Well done, Alex.

[Alex Bellos] Now, last, but not least, which of these three things make for a good quiz? OK, so is it a) choose a subject that you know something about b) make one of the answers a little bit funny or c) make sure that you know that all of the answers to the questions are correct?

[Ben Lyttleton] Oh, I'm going to go a) b) and c), all of these things. Choose something that you know something about, make one of the answers funny and make sure to check the answer is correct.

[Alex Bellos] Which is all correct, three out of three, you have got that totally right. Marvellous job, brilliant. Top of the class at Football School.

[Ben Lyttleton] Oh, thank you, Alex, and good luck with your quiz writing, everyone. I'm off to create my own quiz now!

[Alex Bellos] And I am too!