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Sample film: Resilience

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>> DANIEL: Hi, Fara.

>> FARA: Hi.

>> DANIEL: You don't seem to be happy. What's the problem?

>> FARA: Well, I lost out on my tramploining heats yesterday, which means I won't be going through this year's under 15 championships.

>> DANIEL: Come on. There's always next year. I'm sure you'll bounce back.

>> FARA: It's just that I feel like giving up after what happened. But I suppose you're right. I just have to keep working hard and believe that I can do it next year.

>> DANIEL: Yeah. Just think about Leicester City Football Club.

>> FARA: Yeah. They were the 2016 Premier League Champions, weren't they? That's an amazing story of resilience, isn't it? I mean, their success didn't just come overnight.

>> JOHN: It was a great shock for everybody. And the story really started not at the beginning of that season but nine games towards the end of the previous season.

>> JAMIE: Leicester City Football Club's journey from the previous season, were nearly relegated to staying within the Premier League defying all odds.

>> CHRISTIAN: Well, I know it happened but I still can't really believe it because it's out there, you know, it's a great story, but it's Leicester City. It's not like one of the top clubs that, you know, supposed to win every year.


>> COMMENTATOR: Beautiful!

>> FARA: Leicester City's success wasn't just down to the resilience of their players but to the belief and positive attitudes around them too.

>> JOHN: They certainly had resilience. They also had a lot of skill, they have some very skilful players, and also, the manager with his tactics was a key factor. And another key factor, I suppose, was the very supportive backroom staff, the sports analysts, the medical staff, the coaching staff.

>> WES: I think it's a combination of things, you know, I think, we had the momentum definitely and we just got into each game thinking right, we need to win, we need to win, we need to win.

>> DANIEL: A positive mindset Fara. That's what you need to be resilient and bounce back.

>> CHRISTIAN: Honestly, there were also some downs, when we lost away against Arsenal which was a kind of big defeat for us because we lost in the very last second of the game and then Arsenal, I think, it was 1 point, or we were 1 point clear, 2 points clear from Arsenal and you know, everybody thought okay now they might break down. But we didn't do the favour to anybody, and at the end we were 10 points up.

>> GIRL 1: If something goes wrong, say, I wasn't swimming, and it went wrong, I would just keep on doing it. I wouldn't just stop.

>> GIRL 2: If something goes wrong in spot, I ask my coaches for help and keep trying my hardest on the skill.

>> BOY 1: When I was playing football and I didn't score, so what I did was I tried and tried again.

>> ALEX: You can have all the talent in the world but it doesn't mean that you're gonna make it to the top. It's about how you apply yourself, the determination and the willingness to keep going when things get hard, so just keep going and believe in yourself.

>> FARA: I guess emotions really are important, whether I'm feeling positive or negative, we'll make a difference on what happens next.

>> DANIEL: That's what the Leicester City story taught me. It's always possible to reframe your thinking and turn things around.

>> FARA: Thanks for helping me see that, Daniel. I'll make sure I give you a front row seat for when I make my trampolining comeback.

>> DANIEL: Wait for me.

>> JAMIE: Be inspiring.

>> ISMAEL: Be connected.

>> JAMIE: Be ambitious. 

>> ISMAEL + JAMIE: Be fair.