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Film: Spurs and Sian

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[Child]: She helps us a lot, so that's why she's a good teacher.

[Sian]: My name is Sian, I'm a Year Two teacher. I started teaching eight years ago, and this is the fourth year in this school. Fitting in all the activities is very difficult. Having Danny come in to teach the PE, but I was able to observe the children, and see them in a new light, and then better improve my teaching skills in PE.

[Danny Mitchell]: My name's Danny Mitchell and I'm a Foundation Development Officer for the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation. So my role has been to provide Sian with some support in the lesson and then deliver PE lessons to Year One and Year Two. Get it!?

[Children]: Got it!

[Danny]: I think at first I had to sort of encourage her a lot to sort of explain how it will benefit the children.The first lesson I think just needed a bit of improvement around ratios and size of area. The lesson that she delivered the second time around was really, really good.

[Sian]: Danny's been a brilliant role model. It's definitely changed the way I would deliver PE lessons. It will give me a more structured approach of how to plan and then deliver a lesson.

[Child]: Whenever we do a lesson, it's always fun. She's the teacher that makes me play confident.

[Children Cheer]

[Danny]: I think from working with Sian, I don't have to work particularly hard to keep the kids engaged or on task because if you do it in a way that's fun and enjoyable like Sian does, then learning will come as a product of that process.

[Sian]: Whenever Danny's in the class, there's just a bit more of a buzz feeling in the classroom but it was beneficial for some of the quieter children. It brought them out in the classroom just as it did whenever he was teaching PE aswell, you sort of see a different side to your children.

[Danny]: We pride ourselves on trying to be the best at what we do. I mean it is about creating opportunities for maybe people that don't necessarily get it, and also you know changing lives in the sense that we want to try and help people improve, whether that is with a football or whether that is just as a person in general.

[Sian]: Having extra support in the classroom is the best resource you can have as a teacher. It's developed my own perception of teaching football and teaching PE and maybe more enthusiasm for myself.