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Film: Swansea and Gethan

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[Gethyn] I love playing football and I'm football mad for it. It keeps me energised and I really like it. Having somebody from Swansea City is really cool. It's really helped me with my writing and my being confident.

[Curtis from Swansea City] He really thrives being outside and then coming indoors into the classroom wasn't so enthusiastic. I was struggling with my writing.

[Male Teacher]It's fair to say that occasionally he needs some assistance and support in his learning, specifically in the area of literacy. He struggles writing at length and sometimes lacks motivation and confidence in his abilities.

[Curtis from Swansea City] To get Gethyn and the other pupils in the class slightly more engaged we put more of a football spin to it.

[Gethyn] Curtis told us to write the fake Swansea City match. Like put Swansea vs Arsenal and I really liked writing it. And then at the end of the day I finished the whole page and Curtis said I was doing a really good job and he said, "Carry on," and I write another three pages of it.

[Curtis from Swansea City] Some excellent match reports today. One person stood out in particular with the amount of work they put
in their match report and they've earned themselves our blue ambitious certificate. So, Gethyn, if you'd like to come on up, please.</c>

[Gethyn] My mum and my dad are proud. It made me feel happy and I really like writing now so hopefully I'm going to be a news reporter for football.

[Gethyn's mum] Gethyn came home that day with the certificate. He can write like four pages non-stop and I'm really proud of him.

[Gethyn] Every time I write I really smile and my teacher said, "I haven't seen you smile in a long time."