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Film: The Character Drawing challenge

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[Cressida Cowell] Hello. I'm Cressida Cowell and I'm the Waterstones Children's Laureate and I'm also the author and the illustrator of How To Train Your Dragon books.

Have you joined in the Premier League Primary Stars Family Challenge yet?

If not, here are my three top tips for creating a character.

One - Be creative. Draw from your heart.

Don't worry if it's not perfect. Maybe use a pencil because that's better for sketching.

Two - The best characters have emotion in them.

Think about how your character might be feeling. Maybe draw an emotion from a mirror.

So, make a face in a mirror and copy it. That's a trick that animators often use.

Three - Practice.

Draw lots and lots of different things to find your style.

People, animals, footballs.

Remember, nobody is born a brilliant illustrator.

People become brilliant because they practice a lot.

Good luck!