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Film: What to expect from a Premier League Trophy visit

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[Students]: Premier League Primary Stars!

[Jez Weeks]: The Premier League Primary Stars Trophy Tour was designed as a reward for a school that has engaged in our Primary Stars programme and all schools, if they register and get involved they also could have an opportunity to have the Premier League Trophy visit their school The referee gets the coin and flicks it high in the air and they catch it,  they put it on their hand and they ask a question.

[Claire Lotriet]: Many of our children are really in to football. The Premier League is something they're very familiar with and the idea that the trophy would be coming to their school was very exciting for them

[Jane Bevington]: Coming in and seeing it, and being in awe of it is just like wow, it's amazing.

[Student]: I think the best thing about it is probably the crown at the top.

[Student]: I think it's really heavy and everybody who sees it is going to be really happy about it.

[Student]: I've seen it on TV but never in real life. I've never been so close to it before.  

[JW]: One of the things I love about Premier League Primary Stars is when a pupil asks me that question, is it the real trophy? And when I tell them it's the genuine one that a Premier League captain has lifted, the look in their face and the glint in their eye is just brilliant.

[Emma Saunders]: We've had lots of fun today, Palace For Life Foundation brought with them Pete The Eagle, which is the mascot of Crystal Palace.  

[Sam Bacon]: Key Stage One activities have been Healthy Eagles, so we've been teaching the children all about leading a healthy lifestyle and making sure that we're eating a balanced diet to make sure we're healthy as possible. Key Stage Two interventions, so we're doing Team Mates, which is all about developing those key life skills, team work through to communication and just building the children's confidence in lots of different areas. Football activities, though, have been all about engaging those  children in fun football activities, increasing their enjoyment of the sport and just trying to make sure they have a bit of fun this afternoon.  

[Student]: It was quite amazing taking part.

[Student]: I loved it because I got to learn a few skills, I got into football and I'll definitely start playing it more.

[SB] For any club badge going into a school has a huge impact on everyone.

[CL]: I think the values of the Premier League Primary Stars programme aligned really well with our school's values and probably many schools' values.

[Students]: Be ambitious. Be inspiring.

[CL]: Having the Premier League Trophy come into school decreases the distance to their dreams even if not everyone wants to be a footballer, it's just the idea of aspiring to something that great, to be the best you can be in whatever field it is.

[JB]: For me, seeing the trophy and I know, for my class was a very, very special memory, that they'll have for the rest of their life. Me too.