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Film: Watford and Oliver

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[Miss Hacking]: Oliver is a child in my class, so he's a Year Three child, who sometimes struggles with his own confidence. He's really intelligent, really clever, really sporty aswell but doesn't always take that extra step to push himself out of the comfort zone really.

[Richard Bulling]: My name's Richard Bulling and I'm a Football and Sport Development Officer for Watford FC. I've been here for about seven months now. Oliver within the sessions was quite shy anyway, would get involved but wouldn't tend to be as over enthusiastic as the rest of the children. So, Miss Hacking came up to me and explained that they had a school project.

[Miss Hacking]: We'd discussed about doing a newsround theme for our class assembly, and I chose Oliver because he's very funny, very quirky and I think it was a really good opportunity for him to show that. I think he struggled with confidence a bit. He thought his voice sounded funny, he thought that people would laugh at him and couldn't really understand whether they would laugh at him or with him.

[Oliver]: Take one, action! I got some people in my group to come up and interview with me and then showed what they were doing. How did these sessions with Mr. Bulling, help you develop your skills in football?

[Child]: We've learnt passing and all good stuff.

[Oliver]: Sometimes I was a bit nervous. I haven't really got a script to learn, so it was a little bit hard.

[Miss Hacking]: It was brilliant and really just kind of built Oliver's confidence, and made him believe in himself a bit more which was really lovely. Oh, he even auditioned for our talent show after the video. I think that really gave him the confidence to step out and he did a whole rap song and it was hilarious. It was just really nice to see Oliver that we see in the classroom but him having the confidence to show that to everyone else aswell.

[Oliver]: When I say Ollie you say Jay, Ollie... Then the crowd say Jay and I repeat it.

[Miss Hacking]: With Watford coming in i've seen a real boosting confidence with particular children. It has just brought them out of their shell a bit more. They've been able to engage in the lessons a lot more than they would if it was just me teaching PE. Partly because they're excited that it's a football team coming in and partly because they're getting more ownership of their learning.

[Richard Bulling]: Always try and challenge yourself, I think that's the main aim of the Premier League Primary Stars that we always want the children to challenge themselves. If they hit their goals, can you set yourself another goal to achieve? I think that's the main aim to the project.

[Oliver]: Because I feel confident of speaking in front of cameras, maybe I could be a football manager. Cut!