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Premier League Wellbeing Stars launch film

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[Lauren Layfield] Hi guys, it's Lauren Layfield here, and I think it's fair to say, over the course of the past year, things have been, you know, absolutely rubbish.

But, one of the things that's really kept me going has been seeing some of the amazing things people have done to help other people.

And we want to keep this momentum going, OK?

So, the Premier League have come up with a brand new social action challenge for you.

It's called the Premier League Wellbeing Stars.

Now, what we want is primary schools in England and Wales, that's all of you guys, to come up with a wellbeing week plan, things you can do to boost the wellbeing of people around you, so your family and your friends and your wider community.

What we want to see is five actions, just things to make people feel better, and it can be anything really.

It could be helping a mate with their times table, or it could be writing somebody a letter, you know, keeping it old school.

Whatever it is, we want to hear from you, so get your submissions in please, by the 19th April.

And get this, we're going to pick three Premier League Wellbeing Stars to win a very, very cool prize, and that is a visit to your school from the Premier League trophy.

It's very, very fancy and it could be coming to your school.

So, get involved, it's time to take action and all of the details you need are below. Good luck.