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Film: The Premier League Writing Stars competition: Ambition

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[Children] We're taking part in Premier League Writing Stars!

[Vicky Brooks] I told the children that we were going to take part, and if we created some really exciting poems, then we might get the Premier League come to school. And that instantly got them really excited.

[Child #1] When you put the words Premier League in it, it's really just like woah! This is Premier League stuff, wow man!

[Vicky Brooks] Let's just do a couple of lines from the first verse and to do with football, OK?

[Child #2] I like writing poetry because it helps you express your feelings in a magical way.

[Vicky Brooks] What was nice with the Premier League Writing Stars competition is that it actually hooked the boys in more, because usually boys find it more challenging. So it was a really good way to get them hooked in, because it was something Premier League, football, something they could really engage with.

[Child #3] I personally really like poetry because there's no rules and you can write whatever you want.

[Vicky Brooks] This year's subject is ambition.

[Children] Ambition!

[Child #4] My ambition for when I'm older is to become either a chef or a netballer.

[Vicky Brooks] In PSHE you think about yourself, you think about others, so ambition works really well with that.

[Child #5] I think it's important to believe in yourself, because if you believe in yourself, anything can happen.

[Vicky Brooks] The children need to build their confidence, and have a really strong self-esteem, because mental health and self-esteem are interlocking.

[Child #6] Writing Stars is great to help you express yourself.

[Vicky Brooks] I will do it as a whole school competition again, as it got everybody really excited last time. It's a really simple process. It was easy to get everybody involved. There were loads of resources online to use. Easy to follow. It's a good competition to take part in.