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Film: Premier League Writing Stars - Aashvi

Audio described with transcript


Aashvi: Sometimes things can be hard,
But never give up.
You just need to bounce back,
And never give up.

Never be scared,
But instead work hard,
Keep faith in yourself,
And always work hard.

Teacher: Taking part in Premier League Writing Stars was a really positive experience for the whole school. Each class took part and it was a whole-school initiative. It created a real buzz about the place and the children were really excited. I think something that they can relate to, with it being about football, and then were really excited to write about it. Because it was such a huge thing it wasn’t just local. When I found out that Aashvi had won I was extremely proud. There was a huge celebration in school where we all celebrated it together and it really inspired the other children with their writing.

Aashvi: When I found out I was the winner I was so excited. My Dad was also very excited.

Aashvi: I’m looking forward to this year’s competition. I think it’s a good topic because there are loads of things that you can write about diversity.

David McParland: The LFC Foundation are really excited to be involved in the Premier League Writing Stars campaign this year. Especially with the topic being on diversity as something that we’re really interested in, it’s hopefully something that the children will be able to bring out within their poems. And it’s going to be really good fun.

Aashvi: Sometimes you need to count to ten

Class: And try, try, try again!