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Film: Case study

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[Minudi] My name is Minudi and I'm six.

My Friends.

I have friends who are tall, short, medium-size.

But we are all friends.

[Vicky Brooks] The children responded really well to the challenge of looking at diversity and then putting that into a poem and looking how it affects them and everybody else in everyday life.

[Minudi] I knew some rhyming words to make my poem. And I know my friends were helping me every time, so it was easy for me to make it into a poem.

[Vicky Brooks] Minudi did really well with this poem. She really thought about the idea of diversity. And how that was for her.

[Minudi] I have friends with white, brown skin. But we are all friends

I have friends

Different size, Different skin. But we are all friends,

With kind hearts.

We all love each other.

When my mummy saw it on her phone that I'd won, she was very happy to see that and she was very proud of me.

[Vicky Brooks] I will do it as a whole school competition again as it got everyone really excited.

[Minudi] It was really fun. Very exciting for other children to see the poem.

[Vicky Brooks] It's a really simple process.

It was easy to get everybody involved.

There were loads of resources online to use.

Easy to follow. It's a good competition to take part in.

[Minudi] When you win you will be a legendary star writer!